Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What really matters

My mother and I lived together for over 50 years. When her mother died, Mama kept the things that meant a great deal to her. One of these was Grandma's sewing table. Inside the table were all of the notions she had used or kept over the years. When it was my mom's turn to leave I invited my children to come get what they wanted, but I kept the sewing table.

Now the table holds a mishmash of notions from all three of us. If I need something, I can usually find it in there. Today while rummaging through it I found 6 thimbles. I know which are mine as I never worked in fields, so my fingers are smaller than theirs. There was even a tiny thimble I used as a child. It could have been saved by either one of them. Grandma's quilting thimble is the largest and the oldest.

Above is a photo of Mama taken in 1949.

I am showing only 4 of the thimbles because I am using the others to make a moulded leather flower. The tiny one is mine.

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