Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 As you can see, I am crocheting again, but keeping to wool and acrylics. This photo is taken in natural light from a window facing north. One of my favorite yarns in mulberry wool with multi color accents and an accent of white.

I wanted to do an Architectural hat. Has terraces on top and a leaf on the side that is crocheted as part of the hat, not added on.

you can see it in my shop here:
Going with the same theme, Architectural, terraces, I chose a tangerine acrylic and a wide band of the multicolor acrylic yarn used above.The tassel and flower are add-on's.

I really love this one!

You can see it in my shop here:
Sheepishly, I admit, I never read the camera manual. My Kodak has a setting for manual exposure, the one thing I was mad about not having! Sheesh, after owning and using it for 6 months!!!!

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