Friday, July 22, 2011

Next Project for the Blog

I have the germ of an idea of how to spend this year. It all began with the purchase of ergonomic crochet hooks to protect my wrist and the loss of my PC data. I had to re write my most popular pattern for 6 customers. I didn't have the correct yarn, so I went down one size.

After working it all out, I crocheted a hat in a smaller yarn, then another in a larger yarn. Interesting. The way I write my patterns, it works out.

Instead of crocheting to a number of stitches per row or round, I crochet to a size of diameter of opening and length of crown. With this technique, it really doesn't matter which size yarn I use!

So... this year, I am going to work it all out on my blog as a looonnnngggg tutorial.

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